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Building a Brand

Beginning our 25th year (1993-2017)

When we look back on the success with the highs and lows of 25 years, it’s easier to talk about what we did differently from the others. Rather than worry about the competition around us, years ago, we chose to worry about ourselves, our work, and the factors that we control within the walls of this office. So through two recessions and the Y2K days (when the brick and mortar stores were going away and online shopping would power the market), Lakeview chose to stay the course and continue to build stores and build relationships.

We are very proud of our client list, which includes clients that have become industry friends whom we still work with today. When we look at our employees, we are proud of their professional years of service with several being with us from day one. I was once asked about our vision and values. I answered, “Treat the client and the employee like you would like to be treated and to build a quality project and the phone will ring. If the phone stops ringing, then I guess we did something wrong. I like to keep it simple and continue to brand our name through the respect and references of others.”

After 24 years, the phones are still ringing.

Kent Moon
CEO, Principal, and Owner